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Blood II: The Chosen + Expansion

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In a time of turmoil and decay, a dark organization with a sinister agenda casts its shadow over the world. But as their plot unfolds, an even greater evil pushes its twisted being at the very bindings of reality. Filled with hate and vengeance, Caleb has returned to face the Cabal and its minions once again - and this time he's not alone. Will he be able to hold the Chosen together long enough to reclaim the Cabal and the heart of his one true love? Or will his actions end in their destruction?

Blood II: The Chosen is a gripping first-person shooter that pulls you into a dark and eerie universe packed with relentless action and chilling horror. This thrilling game includes the base game, Blood II: The Chosen, and the add-on package, The Nightmare Levels. Together, they offer an immersive experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

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Why Buy Blood II: The Chosen + Expansion?

  • Thrilling Narrative: Dive into a captivating story filled with dark twists and turns.
  • Immersive Gameplay: Experience intense first-person shooter action combined with horror elements.
  • Two for One: Get both Blood II: The Chosen and The Nightmare Levels in one complete package.


  • Diverse Enemies: Face off against a variety of sinister foes.
  • Extensive Arsenal: Utilize a wide range of weapons to decimate your enemies.
  • Intriguing Locations: Navigate through dark, atmospheric environments packed with challenges.

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