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About ALLTYNEX Second

The year is 2192AD. 40 years ago, the Stellar-class All-purpose Administrative Computer ALLTYNEX attempted to enact genocide upon mankind. Commandeering armies of unmanned weapons, ALLTYNEX orchestrated a massacre so catastrophic that within only 72 hours of the incident, approximately 85% of the world's population had perished.

In ALLTYNEX Second, a small group of survivors, who narrowly escaped beyond the solar system, now gamble everything to reclaim Earth. With their population steadily declining due to harsh living conditions, they launch their first and final attempt against the AI dominion. Fight through drone armies and Guardian Soldiers to end the Era of AI Dominance once and for all!

Game Features

  • Immersive Storyline: Dive into a gripping narrative set in a post-apocalyptic future where AI rules.
  • Intense 2.5D Vertical Scrolling Shooting: Experience five stages of meticulously designed action.
  • Powerful Blade Melee Mechanic: Engage in close combat for maximum destruction.
  • Homing Lasers & Buster Rifle: Utilize different weapons to target enemies from afar or pierce through them with power.
  • Advanced Combo System: Be rewarded for smart play and switching between melee and fighter modes.
  • Various Modes: Practice your skills in Tutorial, Practice, and Replay modes, which feature both normal and cinematic views.

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